Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 3 Planning Meeting Notes

Site Planning - reminder to all that coordination from now forward will be with DONE staff.  The committee has completed their plans for getting all into City Hall and now passes this on to DONE and City staff.

Workshop Sessions - a few final bios and speaker names need to be turned in to Tony and Cindy.  Be sure to send in ASAP, no later than Sept. 7.

Volunteer Coordination - Name and contact info for volunteer leaders promised.  We now move on to youth volunteer confirmations, which we are waiting for final confirmation.  Jay, Melvin and Heinrich will finalize this list and map out the volunteer needs. Heinrich has the latest list as of this meeting.  Several on the committee also signed up.

Raffle --  Idea for coordinating a RAFFLE received a split vote so those interested in coordinating will present plans at next week's meeting. Committee members interested in planning for a Raffle will present their plan at the Sept. 10 committee meeting.

Registration - Randy will be getting the name badges ready from the pre-registrations we have so far.

Early Set-Up -  All on the committee are asked to help set up on Friday, Sept. 23.  A team of three will go to DONE at approx 3 p.m. to help load and move items from DONE office to City Hall.  All other volunteers for this task are asked to be at City Hall no later than 5 p.m.  Meet in the Rotunda.  We will set up as much as we can.

Marketing the Congress - check the website often for updates.  We still need to visit some NCs who have not registered.  Latest is we are down to 5 NCs not pre-registered.  Thank you to DONE for e-blasts.  Thank you to Stephen/Enci Box for promos.  Press releases to the media have gone out.

Next meeting after PlanCheck at 12 noon.  Agenda to follow in a day or two.

City Council will vote Tuesday to approve the Congress at City Hall.

Thank you!

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