Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aug. 27 Planning Meeting Notes

Site Planning is complete.  DONE staff will coordinate final details with City staff.

All who pre-register will receive an e-mail a few days in advance with confirmation, parking information, map.

There will be a Check-In area for volunteers, speakers, press will be in the kiosk area near the Mayor's office.

Pre-registration cut off is Sept. 22.  This will give time for last minute sign ups to have a pre-printed name badge.

Bag stuffing with City directories to be coordinated with volunteers from a senior center.

We have 240 registered so far.  Approx 75 NCs attending.  We need to get to 25 more NCs so all present.  This outreach effort will be shared by all on the committee.

We are planning for a definite 500 participants.  Will consider a contingency plan for 600-800.

Signs:  Suggest that we include signs on tables to encourage those seated to eat and move on to exhibit areas and networking opportunities.  Volunteers needed for table clean up.  Designate one of the rooms as a "Networking Room" (this needs more discussion).   Welcome Banner.  Ask Tom Soong re: DONE signs already available and easels.

Registration Name Tags -- Randy Waller agreed to do these on his home computer.  Need to provide him with paper.  Tags will be color coded for pre-registration, on site registration, staff, volunteers, speakers, electeds, press. Cindy will coordinate paper.

Budget:  More NCs are confirming contributions to the Congress.  Walmart is main title sponsor.  DONE is partner.  Law Offices of Ron Galperin is sponsor.

Room Assignments - Reviewed number of registrations and capacity.  May need to move some sessions to larger

Volunteer List - Volunteer youth to be confirmed.  Committee volunteers needed for Friday for set up and after 4 p.m. for clean up.   On day of Congress everyone will know where and what they are doing.

New form for non-website registrations.

Promotion -- Phone, personal visits, personal contact by all on the committee.  DONE e-blast should include that all should plan to arrive early to have a leisure breakfast and networking opportunity.

Raffle - we will discuss this at next week's meeting as an incentive to pre-register.

Workshop Sessions -- All session rooms will have equipment needed but we still need to know.   We are coordinating film and audio recording sessions to be posted to the website.

Event Schedule for the day (Production) - Cindy is drafting this timeline so we know who's doing what when. 

Program book -- Bios need to be sent in to Tony Wilkinson and Cindy ASAP.  Deadline to layout is Sept. 6, to printer is Sept. 15.

Thank you to the WLANC for hosting our meeting.

Next week's meeting at 12:30 after LANCC.

Thank you all for your hard work! 


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